The ZymZen Way

ZymZen specialises in website design, content management systems, databases, campaign management and more, with a focus on not-for profit organisations.

We know software can solve many problems, but we also understand that you can’t solve a people problem with technology. That’s why we take a holistic approach to problem solving. You tell us what you need; we listen. Problem solving is our business.

We take this same approach when we create software, putting a focus on user-centred design to enhance readability, useability and effectiveness.

Our unique, customisable technology is tailor-made for your organisation’s needs and is combined with the knowledge and experience to provide a holistic analysis to thoroughly optimise your organisation.

At ZymZen we have the ability to provide solutions for organisations of all sizes and budgets.

Why not for-profit?

ZymZen chooses to work with charities, associations, and other not-for-profit organisations because, like you, we believe the world can be a better place and we want to help make that change. Part of that is creating technology that makes the world accessible to everyone. We want to support not-for-profit organisations in the work they do to help others, by giving them the software and support they need to get the job done.

Our commitment to accessibility

At ZymZen we are committed to equality online and accessibility for all. We specialise in creating easy-to-read websites so that everyone, including the disabled, can access the web, and our software meets the accessibility requirements for government websites which is mandated by Australian human rights law.